8tracks x Tampax


For a Q3 campaign, Tampax wanted in-house design services for the campaign visual and branding treatments. 

This campaign consisted of several mixes revolving around themes of summer, working out, back to school, and active.

Due to lack of creative materials and our timespan, the best approach seemed to be custom iconography and illustrations paired with the Tampax brand identity.

After thumbnail sketching, I would illustrate my concepts in illustrator and develop initial designs from there.

Following the initial designs was a series of review and feedback from Tampax and their agency reps.

Post feedback, I would adjust, where needed.

thumbnail sketching for potential theme iconography

thumbnail sketching for potential theme iconography

Initial designs:

Following my process of thumbnail sketching, I got to creating in Illustrator. Here I carefully consider Tampax's brand aesthetics, including typeface, unique patterning, and Tampax's tape art inspired style (hence, the particular strokes and edges) , in order to create my ideas. The key was to create something new that didn't feel like a departure from Tampax's brand. 

Final Revisions

As per feedback, these final revisions included additional branding (see logo), copy, and revised symbols.