Coin - A Coinbase Concept


Early in the year, just about everyone I knew was crazy about bitcoin -- whether in SF, Jersey, or Pittsburgh. I thought the bitcoin was an interesting currency model, but constantly felt as though the existing implementations were too complex for the lay person to consider adopting. It wasn't until I came across Coinbase that I felt comfortable even owning bitcoin. After visiting Coinbase and also playing around the app, I started having a variety of thoughts for bitcoin apps and how user interfaces  could make this complex currency feel more easily understand.

I simply felt and still do believe that there needs to be simple and understandable user experiences in order for bitcoin to become a mainstream phenomenon. Coin was my initial imagining of one such experience, focusing on gestures for transactions and conversions, as well as qr scanning of physical coins. I ultimately designed an initial prototype to reflect my ideas.



There are few bitcoin apps, especially for mobile, and a majority of the offerings are fairly complex high learnability systems. Transactions and monitoring of wallets should be easy and enjoyable. 


 ā€œGiven the rich experiences of touch interfaces and iOS flat design,  I  saw the opportunity to design a simple, clean, and rich experience.  I imagined this as a concept, Coin for Coinbase. The features that I thought would be key for a Coinbase mobile app would be QR scanning, simple buy/sell rate checking, quick conversion, and simple transaction experiences.  I thought using simple swipe and touch gestures would be a great way of solution to incorporate these features with an ease of use.ā€ 
imagined in iOS 7

imagined in iOS 7

initial storyboarding

initial storyboarding

final flow

minimum viable prototype