Handy | Help Experience Concept


While checking out a popular home-cleaning app, Handy, I had an idea of a better help experience. 

I decided to follow up these ideas with my own concept project.



When users, either Handies (workers) or customers, face issues and need help, there aren't many options, especially if both parties aren't within reach. 

The current Handy experience only offers two options:

Call the Handy Help Line

Browse the Handy Help website

Further, the in-app help screen isn't very welcoming nor does it present to the user the idea that they could proactively handle the situation without an involved process or moving out of the app. 

This screen could bring about frustration 


I reflected upon my friends' experiences with Handy. In one instance, I was hanging out with my friend as they used the service. What I remembered was the gap of communication in the process between the Handy performing tasks and the customer being separate from that experience. e.g. Someone forgot to remind the Handy of something or the Handy did a task that didn't need to be done. This had me thinking about basic communication needs as well as what would be core needs as far as the status / availability of a Handy for communication needs, as well as the Handy being able to indicate urgency. Both factors, I gather would be of high importance in a help situation.

From a problem solving / crisis standpoint, I started thinking about the psychology of a customer. When we have problems with our services, we want them solved as soon as possible. Sometimes, we don't have the patience for hotlines, especially if they have long wait times. Sometimes, we find separate help sites confusing. Sometimes, we just want to be able to solve the problem ourselves, but with some direction.  Most importantly, we want to feel a sense of comfort that our situation will be addressed and that we have options to deal with it. 


For this project, I used the following tools: 

  • Illustrator (all visual design and screen production)
  • After Effects (interactive design, prototyping, movie production)
  • Photoshop (post production and editing)


A redesigned, refined, and delightful help experience to help users to communicate with their Handy(s), feel confident and comfortable in solving their problems, as well as lessening the need to leave the app

To make the Help section more of a helpful tool and lessen the need to leave the app, I decided to give the Help section features of search, a categorical help directory, and access to the hotline. 

To give a sense of comfort and confidence in users, to hopefully remove any stigma around needing help, I was focused on a personable and delightful visual design. I focused on visual cues, a photo backdrop, and animations to achieve this.  

a more welcoming Help section

No need to leave the app for an FAQ directory or search

(this could also be done as a webview within the app)

To address communication between a Handy and a customer, I thought about the idea of an unobtrusive and global chat and status bubble/chathead for the Handy. This chathead would only be available when a customer has a Handy on duty.

This chathead would allow users to see if the Handy is available or unavailable for chat or if they need help.  

Gracie, the Handy, is unavailable at the moment.

Gracie, the Handy, is available and has a problem.

Gracie, the Handy, is available at the moment and there are no problems.

With a simple tap, Handies and customers can communicate in a real time chat. 

For times of crisis

For times of crisis

Or just for showing gratitude! 

Or just for showing gratitude!